Eat like a Mogul emperor

Indian cuisine is world famous, yet there is really no such thing. We tend to make a distinction between four major regional types of Indian cooking, namely northern, western, eastern and southern, which sometimes differ sharply. However, they all have one thing in common: the refined combination of numerous aromatic spices, which give each dish its unique character.


Northern Indian cuisine is the best-known in the western world. Its particular characteristics are the frequent use of dairy products such as yoghurt, and a lot of meat. Many dishes are cooked for a long time and are "saucy", such as kormas. However, Northern Indian cooking is also renowned for its tandoori specialities. "Tandoori" means "clay oven", in which mainly meat is cooked slowly, so that it is particularly tender and juicy.


Eastern Indian or Bengali cooking is famous for its desserts, such as spicy rice pudding. Mildly-spiced vegetarian dishes are also typical.


Western Indian cuisine has one particular speciality apart from its outstanding fish dishes - delicious vindaloo curries made with marinaded meat. Warning - a true vindaloo is very hot!


Finally, coconut milk and chillies typify Southern Indian food. This is the home of curry and also of spicy rice dishes.


We recommend sampling all four regional varieties and picking your own favourite.